MLK Performance Slam Poetry

I am a boy.
My body has been invaded with a cold caress like poisoned honey
When I came forward, I was told that any boy would want to be used as a toy
I'm frozen in soundless self hatred, my tainted body cannot be fixed with money
I am a boy.
I've been beaten and hurt but society seems to think its funny.
Constant fear and brutal pain aren't things I enjoy
My agony doesn't matter to them, especially if it was caused by a little blondie
I am a boy.
If I am sad or scared they cackle and call me a little bunny
God I try so hard not to be coy but sometimes there just isn't any joy
If I'm not strong and impassive, then I'm nothing but a weak dummy.
I am a boy.
Let me feel, let me be, and please stand up for me.

I am a girl.
My education is less important than my shorts causing boys' distress
I'm constantly wary of wandering hands, walking alone, and pills in my drink that'll make the world twirl
It's my fault when I'm raped because of the way I was dressed
I am a girl.
Because of that, I am paid less
I have to pretend I don't see my boss's mouth curl
When I wear a tight dress
I am a girl.
If I'm strong I'm a witch, if I'm weak I'm a mess
I'm either promiscuous or prude and these sickening comments make me want to hurl
Any emotion I feel is a sin if I confess
I am a girl.
Value me for who I am, and don't let me be a victim

I am a minority.
And my skin color doesn't define my personality
Asian doesn't mean smart, black doesn't mean thug, color doesn't mean inferiority
Every time you assume you know me is another pride fatality
I am a minority.
Stereotypes are ingrained into our culture's mentality
If we don't follow them, we won't fit into the majority
Being bullied for acting a different color shouldn't be normality
I am a minority.
If you treat me badly from the start then I don't understand your morality
We aren't even treated the same by the authority
Someone please stop this brutality
I am a minority.
Break down these walls of color, don't judge me based on another.

I am a different sexuality.
When I came out, I was beaten and thrown out on the street
The suicide rates prove that discrimination is everywhere, regardless of legality
Our basic human rights still aren't set in concrete
I am a different sexuality.
Sometimes I'm called confused or invisible by the people I meet
But every gender and attraction is real, from gender neutrality to asexuality
Why must my validity take the back seat?
I am a different sexuality.
I live in a cis hetero-normative society but I am not incomplete
My love and identity is not a thing of criminality
Just because you don't understand doesn't mean I'm a threat to unseat
I am a different sexuality.
Let me love and be myself, don't let my rights get put on the back shelf

I am a human being.
My color, gender, and sexuality shouldn't define me
I am not my weight, my family, or my past, don't be so unseeing
Grades, disabilities, and mental illnesses shouldn't make anyone less free
I am a human being.
Don't you see?
We all want to be loved and valued, have a protected well-being
To be understood and allowed to cry is key
I am a human being.
We are starstuff, so unique, but can stand together like the Aspen tree
Looking upon each other as individuals instead of groups will be freeing
Everyone will be given the power to just be
We are human beings.
These are mindsets we can rearrange, look with you heart instead of your eyes to create change.