Invisible Girl Poem

Learn to Be Silent
The girl was a delicate butterfly, flitting through her early years of life
Fragile wings danced her through glimmering mists of white
High above the other children, free from her parent’s strife
Her heart beamed without direction, searching only for escape’s lustrous light
Despite the fairy mask of smiles,
Her abashed tendrils of soul would shatter in the night.

She was thrown and tried to fly,
But all her rosy dreams were lies
The bruises around her wrists marks of invisible chains, for she was enslaved from the sky
She tumbled to earth, reticent screams fragmentized as the porcelain doll she once was dies
Love and pain are all the same, she sometimes wondered why

When someone asked, years of emotion somehow felt new
The words tumbled from her ignorant lips, to young to recognize brutality
Her voice was lost on the ear’s of others, who wrote her away as fantasy, called her stories untrue
And she began to believe their words, destroying her trust in herself, dismissing memories as theatricality
She was as an ethereal shadow, a chimera of yew
So she inverted as her mind grew, exploding into identity, clinging to the kind sparkles of unreality
And her heart turned the color of stains on her skin

Learn to Forget
Five years old, screams are the music of her world
When alone, the stars burned bright to help her mind ignite
Midnight horrors that crushed her lungs and dooms that left her mind purled
For even awake she could not fight the foes that battled her in the absence of light
So her parents, love strong through their faults, would hold her until the sun unfurled.

One day, with her lustrous mother, a vehement war became
She found a knife and begged for death at the hand
Of the woman she loved more than she could tame
Her father wept heart wrenching apologies, and her mother’s eyes did expand
At the pale face of her little girl that felt she held all the blame,
For sobs that came as plentiful as sand,
And the rage and heat that the family just couldn’t contain.

Later, when she was released from the storm of passionate mayhem,
And the crashing of loved fists no longer betrayed her veins,
Garnet ribbons encircled her skin, her artwork bleeding out her most precious gem
For she sought solace in the silver of a blade, beneath the salt water rains
Some validation that the torment had existed at all for her to condemn
Hopeful amnesia became her facade, covering beautifully broken remains
Hunting lachrymose recollections and destroying them
Now stygian enchantment is all her heart retains
The rest hidden beneath her protective mind’s hem
Holding her down, though forgotten

Learn to Live
When the metallic taste of shackled fear was finally kind,
An invisible gauntlet wrapped around her snowy body
And invaded her form and mind
Cold, unwanted caresses grinned against her chaste form like poisoned honey
Petrified by this twisted love for which she was not designed
She was frozen in soundlessness, feeling so ugly
And as her voice and pride abandoned her, to this tainted body she was confined

And through the years, with each new attack,
Her butterfly wings were burned
Because she was a child in the midst of a wolf pack
By now she thought she would have learned
So she lost herself in writing, her words ate away the black
She found herself and soared every time she performed
She painted scenes of beauty when she felt she would crack
For losing herself was what she did best, and slowly her heart warmed

She lived through the smiles of others,
Drinking in their light
And slowly, as she healed agony lovers,
She found her inner might
And though she was forgotten and unwanted, and still sobbed beneath the covers,
Through kindness and giving love, she rose high like a kite
And the world was a field of flowers
Still washed with moon and glittering in the hazy

She is a moth drawn to the flame, addicted to the alluring pain
Remembering not the time she was a butterfly
Though with some strain, she’d broken free her chain
But often she still asked “why?”
She’d gotten so far, but the scars were still her bane
Deeper than the heartsick memories tainting the sky
Or the silvery lines drawn over her vein

She had learned not to love, though her strength didn't hold
Against a broken angel
With stories untold
The moment she met him, she felt the star's burning hell
She forgot how to stay controlled
As she fell under his spell

He set ablaze her freezing haze,
And she taught him to cast away his facade
For they loved each other wholly, and dreamed away the days
Though those scars across their minds were broad
She was lost inside his gaze
Hearts stitched together, souls connected by a rod
They found love to be a kinder