My Writing & Performance Pieces

Here are some of the poems, short stories, and monologues I've written - and, in some cases, performed - that shed a light on mental health, discrimination, and some of the experiences I've had or heard about.

The Rose Poem

The rose is the symbol of love.
So no wonder it never grows in my garden
Without tendrils of bindweed squeezing it's throat
Winding tighter and tighter until the leaves harden
And die.

The rose is the symbol of love.
So no surprise that it's studded with many a thorn
That leave ruby beads on my skin
So when I attempt to obtain a flower untorn
I bleed.
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Invisible Girl Poem

Learn to Be Silent
The girl was a delicate butterfly, flitting through her early years of life
Fragile wings danced her through glimmering mists of white
High above the other children, free from her parent’s strife
Her heart beamed without direction, searching only for escape’s lustrous light
Despite the fairy mask of smiles,
Her abashed tendrils of soul would shatter in the night.
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MLK Performance Slam Poetry

I am a boy.
My body has been invaded with a cold caress like poisoned honey
When I came forward, I was told that any boy would want to be used as a toy
I'm frozen in soundless self hatred, my tainted body cannot be fixed with money
I am a boy.
I've been beaten and hurt but society seems to think its funny.
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