Why I Love Writing

“Writers spill their souls across paper in ink, their pens directly tethered to the beats of their hearts.” -Corey Roesemann

The act of writing is the act of bleeding one’s soul into parchment. This message was taught to me by someone very close to my heart, and I drank in the truth in those words. Because no matter what work you’re producing, a piece of you is imprinted into those words. You have the power to change the thoughts of another, the power to invoke emotion in a reader’s heart, the power to spread knowledge and life. When you write, you aren’t just a number, a statistic, a lost individual searching for meaning. You can create, live through the eyes of others, shape an entire universe.

However, in order to fill papers with slivers of your soul, emotion, and dreams while progressing through the terrors of school and work life, you often end up with a tragically small amount of time to indulge yourself. For this reason, writers are often dreamers that consume horrific amounts of caffeine to fuel their nocturnal writing habits (guilty as charged). Half the time my brain is too fuzzy to properly speak English during the day, but I can spout poetic fragments of sentences all night.

On this site, I'd like to share with you some of the stories, poems, and monologues that I've written to show mental illness in a different light, encourage diversity, document my own struggles, and point out current issues.