Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows brings awareness to mental health topics through the voices of many teens and young adults, displaying statistics, crying for change, and ending with hope.

Indigo Past

Indigo Past is a short film I wrote, directed, filmed, and edited in the span of a month. The story revolves around Indigo, a girl struggling with PTSD from an abusive past relationship. She eventually finds comfort in art and slowly puts her life back together. Each character was given a name that suited their personality- for example, Indigo is blue because she is sad, Ebony is black because his heart was black enough to abuse another person, and Scarlet and Poppy are red because they were headstrong and fiery.

Painting Fate

This is a thirty-five minute long video that I wrote, directed, filmed, and edited myself. It's the story of an empathetic girl named Eir that can control minds through creating artwork of the person she wishes to control. She uses her power to help those struggling with depression, mental illness, bullying, and self-identity. When creating the script, I asked people that had gone through specific struggles what advice they would give a younger version of themselves, and therefore created a film with voices of many people spreading hope and happiness to the viewer.

All The Things I Wish I Would Have Told You

This short is about Cherish, a young woman who decides to share her heart with the world. She regrets never taking the chance to tell one of her classmates how highly she thinks of him, and after he completes suicide, thinking he is alone in the world, she vows to never miss the chance to compliment someone. I believe we should all be like Cherish - we may not be able to die without regrets, but perhaps we can die knowing that the people we looked up to and loved know how much we cared.

Apologies for the sound quality, we filmed in loud/windy locations and a lot of post-editing was required to make things audible.

Stories That Make a Difference

I was honored to be able to document a storytelling event called "Stories That Make a Difference" at the Loveland Public Library. The event was put on by Martin Luther King Jr. Loveland Events in cooperation with the Loveland Public Library and Friends of the Loveland Public Library, and featured a diverse group of speakers that shared their cultural experiences and stories of the discrimination they had faced.
To create the finished product, I edited the footage down to one hour, sweetened the audio, and added music. While the documentation of the event only called for one simple shot, I believe that the video captures the simple beauty of the message of the event, and the music brings everything together.

Heroes Among Us Video

In 2015, my local Rotary Club was holding a video contest to give out a scholarship. The video was about heroes among us- individuals in our lives that we thought of as heroes. I filmed a video for this contest with my wonderful mentor, Ben Price, about the director of Harrington Arts Alliance, a local acting academy. I won first place, and it was an amazing learning experience. 

Is a Lifetime Enough for Music?

I was commissioned to film this amazing performance. Caroline Orman reads her remarkable poem about the beauty and sound of the cello and its history. She is accompanied by cellist Kellis Ward, who makes the piece come to life.

A Snapshot of Me

This is an artistic documentation of my life and the experiences I've had that have shaped me into what I am today. My Cultural Anthropology class at Aims Community College required each student to make a slideshow/video about their personal, social, and cultural identity...here is mine. Pictures of my life, clips of the videos I've created, and other images are creatively displayed and overlaid, with my voice-over and music playing the background. It is by no means a full history, but it is an important snapshot of my life, and I am honored to share it with you.