My Learning Process

When learning my trade as a filmmaker, I made a few short slideshows and videos to document the process of conducting interviews and making films, as well as a fun video that showed my progress as a filmmaker. I hope you enjoy, never stop dreaming!

The Process of a Documentary.

My talented mentor, Caryn Sanchez, is filming a documentary called Sounds Like Colorado, where she takes road trips around the state, finding music and the best stories to document. She interviewed two incredible young musicians (one was eleven, the other was fourteen) at her studio at Artworks Loveland, and I was invited to help set up the camera equipment, arrange seating, etc. I also shot some footage on my own and documented the filming process for my own learning. This event meant a lot to me, as a budding filmmaker and very invested young person. I loved working with so many brilliant and creative people who were following their passions, being themselves, and successfully shaping their lives into the beautiful pieces they wanted to them to be. It was extremely inspiring. I created a slideshow using the photographs and video clips I'd taken to document the documentary process we employed that day. Please enjoy!

Special credit to Caryn Sanchez and Ben Price for directing and filming this event, as well as Maya Bennett and Emma Marie for their performance,and Vincent Burkdart of the Rising Artist Mentorship Program for being interviewed.

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    The Apple Cider Video

    This short video on how to make cider was created for the purpose of learning how to use Media 100, a professional media editing software. Because it's a test video, and I didn't have all the necessary equipment (at one point one of the lights was being held up by a vegetable strainer), it isn't as clean as I'd like it to be. However, it was an amazing learning experience, we had a ton of fun filming it, and it actually turned out pretty well. I chose all the props, set up every shot using an amazing storyboarding program, directed, filmed, and edited it the video. When it was done, I researched dozens of songs in order to find the perfect music to go behind the film. Background music, as unnoticed as it may be, creates emotion and flavor for a video.